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Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form, please retry EMEX’s September edition of its Monthly Market Update will focus on the future of Coal Generation in the U.S. and its impact on electricity and natural gas prices: What is Changing the… <p>According to Amory Lovins a consultant to Shell Oil for the past 45 years and Chief Scientist and Co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute, little attention is being paid to the work that traditional energy companies are doing in the renewable energy industry.</p> <p>“I think a lot of groups promoting efficiency and renewables are so busy working with innovation and insurgency in the business world that they don’t pay enough attention to the incumbents,”

More FCA position limits

Posted by admin on 9th December 2017
Category: News The FCA has added a few more MiFID II position limits to their list which can be found here. As before, readers who wish to more specifically identify the changes are welcome to contact us at The updated limits follows publication of limits by AFM and AMF (see here) and BaFin (see here).

Solar Generation USA Road Trip – Webisode 1

Posted by admin on 7th December 2017
Category: News Following the sun across the nation, we’re seeing first-hand how solar is working for America and meeting today’s Solar Generation: the project developers, …

Stock Market Trading is MATH. It’s not Magic!

Posted by admin on 7th December 2017
Category: News     Just in case you still can’t figure out why you need to pay attention in math class, this information may help you snap to attention.  Next time you get bored in math class just remember this simple, but powerful equation: MATH = CASH!  You’re probably thinking, huh, what?? That’s right, most of what […] The post Stock Market Trading is MATH. It’s not Magic! appeared first on Hot Math News.
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