It’s Official – Texas power grid failure taught us that we can’t ignore fossil fuels!

Posted on: March 7, 2021
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The United States can tackle climate change without destroying oil and gas jobs. That’s the conclusion of some energy industry experts – especially since we have lost millions of jobs due to a pandemic.

More explicitly, some energy industry experts argue that the U. S. can simultaneously:
* focus on renewable energy research
* develop more of its own biofuels
* focus on “clean coal”

“Clean coal” technology – which does not include capturing and storing carbon emissions – is estimated to be 10-20 years away from becoming cost-competitive. We may not see ‘clean coal’ on store shelves anytime soon and clean coal technology seems to be a few years from reality. How can the U. S. possibly destroy energy workers and their families by destroying thousands of good energy sector jobs?


The European Union has voted in favor of a climate action plan, which will impose carbon taxes and cap-and-trade mechanisms on the EU countries. Germany is the one of the most industrialized countries in Europe and it has been the most aggressive in its climate plans. The US passed a climate law, that goes much further in terms of cutting emissions than the EU plan. The Arab oil states, including Saudi Arabia, are using their political clout to oppose climate action.

Energy industry experts suggest that the US should focus on “clean coal” and renewables such as
1) Wind and energy: The government should subsidize solar and wind energy. Wind and solar may be cost-effective for some consumers. Those who invest in wind and solar may make money.
2) Nuclear energy: Perhaps more nuclear plants can be financed via tax credits.
3) Hydro energy
4) Geothermal energy

However, given the recent disaster in Texas where all the wind mills froze, some experts have come to the conclusion that fossil fuels cannot be ignored. They need to be nurtured and developed – even if only for a backup plan in the case of renewable energy meltdowns and outages.

It’s Official – Texas power grid failure taught us that we can’t ignore fossil fuels!  There’s no sound economic reasons to destroy oil and gas jobs at this time.  We need these jobs to generate reliable electric power – while at the same time developing immature and less renewable energy sources.

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