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Posted on: October 2, 2020
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Web Development is growing dramatically and so is the use of Artificial Intelligence. Today’s web development is focused mainly on enhancing user experience and AI is, thus, the perfect match for it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or a machine to think and work just like humans. AI is based on algorithms which use computing power to solve specific problems faster and better than humans can. AI allows the machines to analyze, plan, learn and adapt. AI relies on the data that is provided to it and interprets this data to create new perspectives and learn new objectives. It then leverages this data to provide better and more accurate results in the future.

Let us now analyze how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used in Web Development and provide you with an exceptional advantage over your competitors:

Case Study of Amazon and Netflix implementing AI and ML in their Recommendation Engines

Have you ever wondered why the product you see on Amazon is exactly what you were looking for? Well, Amazon has been using AI techniques to tailor the products and content it recommends to its customers. Their recommendation system uses goods-based recommendation – which means that users are recommended based on their previous interactions and purchases and buddy-based recommendation – which means that users are recommended products and content based on what their Facebook or Instagram friends like.

Netflix, on the other hand, revamped their recommendation algorithms and honed them for visual impressions. Their AI and ML algorithms are optimized to provide users with the image that they are most likely to respond to. They feed implicit (based on user behavior) and explicit (based on user activity) data to their Machine Learning algorithms to help it figure out the most relevant content for each individual user. It is constantly collecting data from its 100 million subscribers to make its AI and ML algorithms better and better every day.

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